Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems Proudly Announces the Release of the SmartTemp GPS Mobile Temperature Monitoring System

The SmartTemp system provides easy to read regular updates regarding temperature status in refrigerated trucks and trailers and sends real-time alerts to dispatchers via email or text message regarding temperature related problems in mobile refrigerated compartments.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) August 20, 2010

Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems, a GPS vehicle telematics company located in Woburn, MA has announced the release of the Reltima SmartTemp temperature monitoring system used to alert refrigerated fleet dispatchers to temperature problems in mobile refrigerated compartments in real-time.

The device works in tandem with the SmartAntenna - Reltima's flagship GPS tracking device and enables fleet management personnel in the food, beverage or perishables industries to keep track of temperature variations in a truck’s refrigerated cabin. True to Reltima’s form in keeping things small the temperature probe is about the size of a golf tee and is connected to a reinforced, insulated cable that connects to the SmartAntenna.

Installed below the intake fan, near the mobile refrigeration unit, the probe sends relative temperature readings to the SmartAntenna which then forwards the data wirelessly to our servers in Woburn, MA. From there the data is disseminated into the customer’s Perigee Fleet Management account where it can be monitored in multiple reports for adverse fluctuations.

Reltima has also enhanced the system functionality by allowing real-time alerts for temperature readings above and below pre-selected benchmarks to be sent to a user’s phone or email. In addition, the system reports the cabin temperature at 2 minute intervals giving a dispatcher unmatched clarity in discovering refrigeration problems in “real-time”. Another key system feature allows a user to monitor temperatures in multiple refrigerated compartments or locations in the same truck by daisy chaining the temperature probes together.

Reltima has SmartTemp technology in service now in multiple customer accounts to protect perishable foodstuffs and beverages. SmartTemp ensures that refrigeration problems can be discovered and dealt with early on – before the loss of product can prove to be both costly and hazardous.

Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems manufactures and hosts tracking and mobile workforce solutions for customers across North America. For more information on this and other products and systems please contact Don Lewis, VP-Sales & Marketing at (617) 842-4811 or visit us on the web at
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