GPS Tracking from Reltima, LLC Helps to Recover Stolen Vehicles and Reduce Employee Theft at Western Merchandise Express

Reltima LLC, a provider of GPS vehicle tracking and telematics systems located in Woburn, MA, was instrumental in the recovery of stolen trucks in Compton, CA, amounting to potential losses of over $300,000.00. Using Reltima's Perigee GPS tracking system Western Merchandise Express was able to recover their vehicles intact while helping direct authorities to the alleged perpetrators.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) February 7, 2010

Western Merchandise Express (WMX), a large freight transportation company located in Compton, CA, recently recovered 4 stolen tractor trailers from various locations in Southern California using the Perigee GPS vehicle tracking system from Reltima, LLC of Woburn, MA.

With the help of local and state law enforcement authorities all of the mobile assets, worth over $300,000.00, were recovered in less than one hour. Using the Perigee tracking system, the police conducted surveillance at 2 locations which resulted in the arrest of several alleged participants in the crime. WMX Loss Prevention Director Geoff Montgomery said, “One of the best things about the Reltima product is the fact that it is so small it fits in any vehicle completely undetected - unlike many of the larger bulky products of the past that were easily disabled by the bad guys.” The Reltima SmartAntenna is a GPS tracking device that is about the size of a ¼ inch thick credit card. Installed covertly in the vehicle cab it feeds GPS location based data to a server over a wireless network. The Perigee fleet management application, hosted by Reltima, then translates this data into easy to read metrics for management to use to find the location of vehicles, run reports, receive alerts for vehicle triggered events and track vehicle maintenance service points.

The Perigee GPS vehicle tracking application was also instrumental in the discovery of employee theft at WMX. Montgomery further stated that “during a routine surveillance of a driver it was discovered that an unauthorized stop had been made. With further investigation (using the Reltima link to Google maps street view) it was discovered that the location was a pallet reseller. Creating a location in the Reltima system and using the “Location Retrospective Report” in the report view; we ran the entire fleet to see who else may have stopped at that location over the last year. As it turned out the driver was reselling company pallets for individual profit. To our surprise a second driver had been implicated. Interviewing the drivers had never been easier, with color screen shots of the street view option and a breadcrumb trail of the driver’s whereabouts the drivers had no choice but to confess.”

Reltima LLC is a provider of Telematics and GPS Location Based solutions and is headquartered in Woburn, MA. Reltima provides cost cutting fleet management solutions to customers across the United States through a national network of dealers and resellers. For more information on Reltima products and systems or to find a certified Reltima reseller in your area please call our sales office at 617-842-4811.
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