Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems – Case Study Electronic Driver Logs
J & S Transport – Lynn, MA August 25, 2014
J & S Transport owner John Hamel has long been a proponent of using effective safety and logistics systems to increase both driver safety and improve fleet operational inefficiencies. With several of these programs already in place John enlisted the aid of Reltima Master Dealer, Creative Energies, Inc. to integrate their current fuel delivery dispatch platform with a GPS tracking and Electronic Driver Log system. Creative Energies chose to work with Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems to deliver a GPS fleet tracking system that would, among other things, validate when a truck has made a fuel delivery at a customer location as well as enable a driver, through the use of an in-cab mobile data terminal, to enter a driver log electronically. With this in mind Reltima went to work with Steve Powers, Director of Safety and Compliance for J and S to deliver a fully compliant Electronic Driver Log system that will ensure that drivers have the proper records available when needed for review by an inspector. Steve’s encyclopedic knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Hours of Service statutes and procedures was a clear indicator that the Reltima system would have to pass muster before being deployed to the entire fleet.

It wasn’t long before the Reltima system was put to the test. Reltima received a memorandum from Steve Powers on August 18th 2014 stating that on Saturday, August 16th, 2014 a J & S driver was pulled over by New Hampshire State Police for a Level II Roadside Inspection. The Trooper wanted to review the driver’s past 7 day logs, especially his last 34 hour re-set and the two 0100 – 01500 Off-Duty periods. The driver was able to show the trooper his prior log activity and full compliance using the Reltima in-cab Mobile Data Terminal and passed the inspection with zero violations or citations. Owner John Hamel was extremely pleased and said “The level of cooperation (between Reltima, Creative Energies and J&S) was outstanding and we are now 100% compliant with our logs.”

Steve went on to say that “This is a huge testament for both Reltima and J & S Transport in the transition from paper to 100% electronic driver logs. We both passed the test!” J & S has moved forward and deployed the system to their entire fleet and monitor their driver logs for compliance on a regular basis.

Reltima was able to work with J & S through a joint venture with Reltima Master Dealer, Creative Energies of Amherst, NH. Creative Energies builds dispatch software for wholesale fuel delivery companies across North America. Creative Energies now integrates with applications provided by Reltima GPS Fleet Tracking Systems thereby offering a more diverse feature set including GPS tracking, validation of delivery, vehicle activity alerts, vehicle maintenance planning, tracking of Diagnostic trouble Codes and routing.

Reltima is based in Woburn Massachusetts and offers a wide variety of GPS fleet management tools for sale through its Master Dealer network located throughout North America. For a representative located in your area please call Don Lewis at 781-569-2051 or contact via email at
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