Reltima Announces the release of FleetMD - for use in the wireless transmission of engine diagnostics and fault codes

Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems of Woburn MA announced today the release of FleetMD, a newly developed telematics system used to send diagnostic and fault codes from a vehicle’s OBD II port, located under a vehicle’s dash, to the Perigee GPS Fleet Management application. The associated metrics for each vehicle are then passed on to the specific customer account where the data is presented in a color-coded report for review by management or the business owner.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) November 11, 2010

“Fleet MD has been an important addition to our current line of GPS fleet management products and systems. We chose the name FleetMD for the simple fact that the system acts like a virtual physician by providing vehicle systems diagnostics and identifying possible trouble spots early on – so a fleet manager or business owner can fix the problem right away.” says Reltima VP of Sales & Marketing, Don Lewis. Adding to the already robust functionality of Perigee fleet management system FleetMD is used in conjunction with Google based mapping for vehicle location, a comprehensive suite of reports, alerts that can be sent based on multiple triggers, dispatch & routing and maintenance planning.

“Use of this diagnostic tool will allow fleet managers to spot vehicle powertrain problems remotely and in real-time. This eliminates the need for the manager to wait until the driver or mechanic passes on this information at a later date. The resulting savings from making these repairs more quickly will increase the life of the vehicle, contribute to the safety of the driver, and increase profitability in the fleet,” added Lewis.

Reltima also expects additional repair expense savings for the smaller customer as well - by enabling a company to receive more information about possible engine problems before sending the vehicle to a garage or repair shop. “Instructing a mechanic on where to look for a potential problem will trim down the man hours spent during the discovery process and can reduce the incidence of over-billing.” The new system will also help Reltima’s new “Get Green!” initiative to gain traction by enabling fleet managers to spot emissions problems in their fleet vehicles as early possible. Speeding up the repair process will help companies to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to clean air efforts across North America.

Fleet MD is yet another GPS telematics offering from Reltima, whose aggressive growth strategy is fueled by offering a diverse number of GPS fleet management systems under one umbrella.

Reltima offers FleetMD through a national network of independent dealers and sales associates. For a representative located in your area please call Don Lewis at 781-569-2051 or contact via email at
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