Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems – Theft Recovery Using GPS Tracking Technology
SC Fuels – Paramount, CA March 29, 2015

On Sunday evening, March 29th, 2015 at approximately 10:00 pm a mechanic for SC Fuels had just finished repairing a truck in the company’s large fleet of fuel hauling vehicles. After pulling the vehicle aside to work on another rig a passerby jumped a security fence, entered the vehicle and proceeded to speed away – leaving the mechanic and SC fuels in a dangerous position with a missing truck on the road. The mechanic quickly called his supervisor and police and after 15 minutes the truck was located using the company’s GPS fleet tracking system. A short 4-minute chase ensued and the thief surrendered without incident to the police.

SC Fuels came to utilize Reltima’s GPS fleet Tracking technology though Reltima Master Dealer Creative Energies - located in southern New Hampshire. Creative Energies develops and hosts a cutting-edge dispatch software application specifically designed for use in the wholesale fuel distribution industry. The system is used to help fuel hauling fleets across the United States to locate, route, dispatch and quantify delivery metrics in an easy to use web-based software platform. The Creative Energies software is fully integrated with Reltima’s GPS tracking platform and uses the two systems to optimize fleet operations for their customers. Fortunately, these applications did exactly what was needed to ensure that the SC Fuels truck was recovered quickly - without injury to police or any innocent parties.

Kymbal Smith, Truck & Trailer Manager for SC Fuels stated that “The GPS tracking system was largely responsible for recovering the truck. We coordinated the recovery with local police and after we first located the truck we were able to direct the police to its location and they were able to arrest the thief.” Using the covertly installed Reltima SmartAntenna, which is about the size of a credit card, the culprit had no idea the vehicle was being tracked and was quickly apprehended. Smith also mentioned that SC Fuels looks forward to completing the installation of GPS tracking systems for the balance of their fleet. Howard Ehrlich, CEO of Creative Energies also went on to say that “Using the GPS tracking technology from Reltima has proven to be a valuable addition to our dispatch platform and we have seen a sizable amount of interest from fuel haulers across the country who would like to use our fuel dispatch solution to improve fleet operations and increase fleet security.”

Reltima is based in Woburn Massachusetts and offers a wide variety of GPS fleet management tools for sale through its Master Dealer network located throughout North America. For a representative located in your area please call Don Lewis at 781-569-2051 or contact via email at

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