+ Enter user-defined work statuses to fit your specific work time designations
+ Match work statuses to payroll categories to track normal hours and overtime
+ Run status reports to detail work activity for payroll processing
+ Easy integration with ADP and other payroll processing vendors
+ Helps keep better track of actual start/end work time for take-home fleets
+ Use our Begin/End day report to correlate with login/log-off times
Our mobile tracking systems solve the long-standing problem of validating actual hours worked in the field. With the ability to more closely monitor an employee’s mobile work activity companies can reduce the cost and liability of housing corporate fleets on site. The Reltima Mobile Timecard System makes it possible for an employee to begin and end his/her workday from home. The high level of discrete supervision provided by the system allows the corporate fleet to run more efficiently thereby lowering expenses and increasing profits across the board. For a dealer demonstration on how the system works please contact us at 781-569-2182 or sales@reltima.com .
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